Have a great and enjoyable time in holland ^ u ^

thank you ;u; and the failed ticket sale today… not sure how i feel about it. but i was a bit annoyed, because i was really pushing it so i’d be on my laptop in time ~_~ sigh.

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He was the last person Jimin had expected to attempt cheering him up. After the multiply times where Jimin had been fooling around in class, annoying the heck out of him, and the multiply times Jimin got hit on the arm or shoved away or just blatantly ignored by him, he had thought he hated him. But right now he stood in front of Jimin, handing him a soda. "You don't really have to try so hard to be loved by everyone, you know." Yoongi said with a slightly awkward expression.

aww~ ^^ the yoonmin feels ;u;

thank you :3

Fanfic: diabetes: "ya eyeS so Big so fAb there are stars in tHem" alien: /take eyes out/ "ma haNd is tOuching Stars mOmmy see you soOn we will meet aGain" /Flies wiff the power of taegi luv

bwahahahahaha omg xD thank you xD

Yoongi can feel Taehyung's head sliding down his shoulder, a light snore sounding in his ear. So he knows the younger has fallen asleep. Pausing the movie and carefully setting his laptop off to the side, Yoongi gently shifts Taehyung's body and lays him down with as least jostling as possible so he doesn't wake him up. Taehyung automatically curls into a fetal position, and Yoongi can't help the soft smile as he settles down beside him and pulls up the covers to tuck it beneath his chin.

aksjdahsjdkasldajsdh Jo<3 look at all the cute and adorable omg ;u; thank you~ this is super lovely ;u;

When Nam Joon gets out of work the next day, he’ll come home to a half empty bedroom closet, and a note on the kitchen saying “Sorry.” (2/2)

;u; i’m so sad, poor bby

thank you for this beautiful piece~ ^^

Nam Joon whispers promises into his skin, with each gentle kiss he promises attention, love, commitment, all the things they spoke of when they first chose the apartment.“Jinnie, I would give you the stars.”But you can’t give people stars. They may look close enough to grab, but they’re just out of reach, taunting and unattainable.But Seokjin doesn’t tell him that. Instead he kisses with as much fervor as Nam Joon does. (1/2)
1 sentence fics are my specialty! It was very bright outside, yet it was not the sun that blinded Jungkook with its brilliance, but instead Hoseok's smile.

aww that’s cute :3 thank you~ Kookie approves ^^

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I feel the noona guilt every time I think Jungkook looks attractive ;~; I’m the same age as Suga so I’m not a noona to all of them but V just had to be my bias D:

V … that little piece of shit T^T why is he my bias. I didn’t have anything of that sort all of my life … but that kid… just kinda crawled past all defenses.

Fanfic: you're cousin marries some producer or watevs in jyp and then you get the chance to like help idols communicate more with fans and intl thru internet and reading them fanfics and cute things like such. ur assigned to be with bts foheva and u and v eventually fall in love, have 2 sets of twins, adopt 4 kids and have another of ur own and his name Taeheehee #didIdogoodSenpai #SarangAyyeLMAO

bby pls, omg xD

you did very well^^<3 best fanfic ever :’D

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